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About Us

It all started when 2 friends with the same ambitions came together to build something extraordinary and unique. We always heard people appreciate foreign-made products more than the ones made here in India. We wanted to change this perspective and prove to everyone that yes, Indian-made products can be at par with foreign-made products.

So, in order to do that we had to provide our customers with products that are indigenously made and whose quality was at par or better than the products made and sold abroad. We also wanted our products to be luxurious and something that our customers would be proud of even after years of buying them.

But executing this entire plan was not an easy task. After months and months of traveling and research work, we finally told ourselves, let’s try and make the products ourselves. And that was the turning point in our lives. We tried and failed many times, but never gave up on our dream of creating luxurious products of art for our customers.

Everything that you see on our website, is hand-made with love, and a lot of thought and time have been put into creating them. We aspire of becoming the largest luxury home décor manufacturers in India and make our customers and country proud.

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